Edinburgh Whisky Academy

I am delighted to have joined the Edinburgh Whisky Academy’s list of Approved Course Providers as an Educator. I can offer a number of courses with the Certificate in Scotch Whisky the most popular. It consists of eight engaging modules which are designed to give the candidate an independent, in-depth understanding of Scotch Whisky.

Edinburgh Whisky Academy is the only centre for Scotch whisky education approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This makes their certifications the only formal professional qualification in the world for Scotch Whisky.

But – no experience is required. A passion for learning more about whisky is all you need. The Dram Queen and the Edinburgh Whisky Academy are serious about whisky education and our innovative approach helps candidates to enjoy whisky, indulge their passion and we hope land incredible jobs in the industry. Our courses are intensive, immersive and industry relevant but most of all they are fun and engaging.

As well as a certificate of completion, you’ll come away knowing so much more about the golden spirit in your glass. Whether you consider yourself a whisky connoisseur or are simply curious to learn more, you’ll certainly get something out of our award-winning material and industry expertise.

Candidates will explore the history and business of Scotch as well as the laws governing Scotch whisky, before delving into the intricacies of the entire production process – learning all there is to know from raw materials and fermentation to distilling and bottling the final spirit. They will be able to describe main developments of the industry, both past and present, and give information on the key factors influencing style and quality of the final whisky. Consequently, they will be able to answer customer or consumer queries authoritatively, and to make informed selections of whiskies in a variety of situations.

The Certificate in Scotch Whisky is particularly suitable for:

  • Professionals in the drinks industry: hospitality staff, brand owner employees, distributors, importers & exporters, visitor centre staff, whisky investment professionals, etc.
  • Individuals seeking a career in the whisky
  • Whisky enthusiasts eager to improve their knowledge

Qualification Structure

This independent qualification comprises these modules, each with their own learning outcomes.

  1. Historical Development of Distillation and Whisky
  2. Business of Whisky
  3. Raw Materials
  4. Production Process
  5. Batch Distillation Process
  6. Maturation
  7. Bottling
  8. Grain Distillation and Blending Modules

These learning outcomes will be assessed during the final examination and must be met in order to gain the Certificate in Scotch Whisky. Successful candidates may wish to progress to the Edinburgh Whisky Academy’s Diploma in Single Malt Whisky.

Course Delivery

The course generally lasts at least 8 hours, spread over a couple of days in a classroom style environment, to allow ample time for tastings and questions. I aim to prepare all candidates for success in the Certificate in Scotch Whisky.


I can offer the Certificate in Scotch Whisky wherever it is convenient: at a place of work, or in conjunction with accommodation or in the dedicated Dram Room which I have created on the family farm in the heart of Speyside. Here up to a dozen guests can also enjoy entertaining and informative events tailored to their own interests. I may also be able to offer a modular format over a number of days to suit candidates’ commitments.

What else is included?

I will include a range of tasting samples to illustrate the course as it proceeds. Courses over 1.5 to 2 days will generally include coffee or tea and a light lunch each day.

Enquiries, enrolment and dates

Please contact me for further information, for dates of courses and to enrol.

Further details

Read more about the course specification here: EWA – Certificate in Scotch Whisky Course Details

Find out more about my background and experience in this link: https://www.edinburghwhiskyacademy.com/blog/meet-the-educator-ann-miller

Please, send us any queries and questions you may have