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Ann Miller, The Dram Queen, is the only Approved Course Provider and Educator for the Edinburgh Whisky Academy courses in Scotland and offers face to face practical tuition in both their Scotch Whisky Certificate courses.

Do you have a thirst for knowledge?

Whisky enthusiasts and industry professionals can benefit from in-person access to the Edinburgh Whisky Academy’s exciting and unique education offers which are fun, interactive and will enhance your appreciation of every dram you try.

As well as the independently assessed certificate of completion from both courses, you’ll come away knowing so much more about the golden spirit in your glass. Whether you consider yourself a whisky connoisseur or are simply curious to learn more, you’ll certainly get something from this award-winning material and benefit too from the Dram Queen’s extensive industry expertise and her engaging approach.

No experience is required. A passion for learning more about whisky is all you need.

Certificate in Scotch Whisky

Ann provides an in-depth overview of Scotch Whisky as you explore the history and business of Scotch whisky as well as its legal requirements, before learning the whole production process from raw materials to bottling, including modules on grain whisky and blended Scotch whisky. You will taste at least 15 different whisky samples during the course.

Topics include:

  • Historical Development of
  • Distillation and Whisky
  • Business of Whisky
  • Raw Materials
  • Production Process
  • Batch Distillation
  • ProcessMaturation
  • Bottling
  • Grain Distillation
  • Blending Scotch Whisky


This Certificate is especially suitable for:

  • Whisky enthusiasts eager to improve their knowledge of the wider Scotch whisky industry and its development.
  • People seeking a career in the whisky industry, particularly hospitality.
  • Aspiring or current staff of distillery visitor centres.
  • People working in the drinks industry who are keen develop their knowledge in order to progress


Candidates will receive an EWA Certificate and a lapel badge.

Certificate in Sensory Appreciation

Ann will discuss the origins of flavour origination in the production and maturation process before testing their aroma recognition ability. You will discover how to judge and score whiskies in an unbiased manner, using the newly created EWA Method of Sensory Analysis based on tasting a wide range of samples.

Join the course to learn how to categorise certain styles of whisky with seasonal foods before a blind tasting where you will use the knowledge developed during the workshops to create a distinct flavour profile and food pairing suggestion.

Topics include:

  • Flavour Origination
  • Aroma Recognition
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Seasons, Senses, Tastes & the Elements
  • Effect of Temperature
  • Blind Tasting Practical Assessment
  • Sensory Recognition Test


This Certificate is especially suitable for:

  • Whisky enthusiasts wishing to develop their sensory analytical skills.
  • Professionals who deliver whisky tastings and food pairing menus.

Candidates will receive an EWA Certificate and a lapel badge.

Serious about whisky education

Ann is the EWA’s Approved Course Provider in Scotland and offers face to face practical tuition in their Certificate courses.

Their innovative approach helps candidates to enjoy whisky, and to indulge their passion. The courses are intensive, immersive and industry relevant but most of all they are fun and engaging.

Edinburgh Whisky Academy is the only centre for Scotch whisky education approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Their certifications are the only formal professional qualification in the world for Scotch Whisky.

Find out more about Ann’s background and experience here.

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