Do you have a thirst for knowledge?

The Dram Queen launches new Certificate Course in Sensory Appreciation from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy.

Whisky enthusiasts and industry professionals are set to benefit from in-person access to an exciting and unique education offer in sensory appreciation.

As the only Approved Course Provider for the Edinburgh Whisky Academy courses in Scotland I can now offer the new Certificate in Sensory Appreciation.  Consisting of four interactive workshops, I have added this course to the EWA’s Certificate in Scotch Whisky and a range of other bespoke Scotch whisky experiences I offer.

Created by the EWA in conjunction with the celebrated whisky writer and chef, Martine Nouet, these workshops focus on the sensory enjoyment and analysis of whisky and whisky food pairing.

I will explore the origins of flavour origination in the production and maturation process of Scotch whisky then encourage participants to test their aroma recognition ability.

Candidates will discover how to judge and score whiskies in an unbiased manner, using the new Edinburgh Whisky Academy Method of Sensory Analysis.  Participants will learn how to categorise different styles of whisky with seasonal foods. A blind tasting will challenge them to use the knowledge developed during the workshops to create a distinct flavour profile and food pairing suggestion.

This Certificate is especially suitable for enthusiasts wishing to develop their sensory analytical skills as well as for professionals who deliver whisky tastings and food pairing menus. Candidates will receive an EWA Certificate and a lapel badge.

Please, send us any queries and questions you may have