Spirits Club Academy – Taste of Scotch course goes live

Taste of Scotch, the free introductory course of the Spirits Club Academy is now live.

Join me and my collaborator, Delfin Paez, to gain an insight into the world of Scotch whisky and impress your friends with all you know about Scotland’s iconic spirit.

Discover Scotland’s varied scenery, the different types of Scotch whisky enjoyed around the world and learn about the regions of malt whisky distillation. Enjoy an animated tour of malt whisky distillation and pick up some expert tips in a tutored whisky tasting. Download some useful tools.

If your appetite has been whetted or you have a thirst for more knowledge then a more advanced series of courses, Talking Scotch will follow soon. They will include interactive tasting experiences and even more detail about the fascinating story of Scotland’s iconic spirit. Topics will include Tasting: Train your Nose, Malt Whisky Production, Malt Whisky Regions, Make your own Blended Malt Whisky and with tutored tastings in every module plus many useful tools and guides to download.

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