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Bespoke Whisky Courses

Passionate about Scotch whisky, Ann can create engaging, enjoyable and memorable bespoke experiences for guests from all over the world. These could include in depth training courses of the sort generally only available to industry insiders as well as delicious whisky dinners and fascinating tastings which bring to life the many different facets of Scotland’s iconic spirit.

Drawing on over 30 years working in the Scotch whisky industry, when she was regularly responsible for delivering in-depth and bespoke training for visitors from many countries of the world, Ann can offer similar insights to whisky enthusiasts visiting Speyside.

Ann’s courses offer an introduction to Scotch whisky which aims to demystify this fascinating topic. These sessions can include the main characteristics of the different types of Scotch whisky [malts, grain and blends] plus the styles of the whisky producing regions, the contribution of the maturation process, all illustrated with tastings.

Dram Queen Whisky Courses

Tailored Courses

Content of the courses can be tailored to the interests of the participants. They will generally include pre-dinner tastings, half day and full day modules as well as longer bespoke courses tailored to meet the level of knowledge of each group, from beginners to experts. Exclusively available for small groups, participants will benefit from Ann’s extensive knowledge of Scotch whisky, Speyside and Scotland as well as themes like matching whisky to chocolate, cheese and a range of delicious local food.

The Dowans Hotel

Residential or Non Residential Options

Tastings, events and courses can be run in partnership with hotels. They will generally include one or more whisky dinner on a residential or non-residential basis. Residential options could be all inclusive packages. Non-residential options could include at least one whisky dinner in a restaurant and might appeal to local residents and to visitors who have already arranged their accommodation.

Whisky and Women

As a woman who has worked in the Scotch whisky industry for over 30 years, Ann is a passionate advocate of welcoming women consumers to the world of whisky and of breaking down some of the real or imagined barriers which sometimes make Scotch whisky appear to be a predominately male preserve. She would be delighted to create bespoke courses for women novices and enthusiasts – just as she is always happy to share her enthusiasm with male consumers!

The theme of each course will vary from time to time and will tempt you to return to discover more.
Please contact Ann to discuss any specific requests you would like to feature during the course.

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