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Ann is always delighted to share her expertise in tasting and appreciating the subtle nuances of Scotch whisky and particularly to demystify it for novices.

Keen to learn about Scotch whisky but unable to visit Scotland just now?

One answer is the online Spirits Club Academy which Ann created in collaboration with spirits expert Delfín Paez, especially for novices and enthusiasts.

Ann and Delfín are keen to share their expertise and enthusiasm in online whisky courses with people around the world who wish to gain an insight into the world of Scotch whisky and impress their friends with what they know about Scotland’s iconic spirit.

The courses cover the story of Scotch whisky, details about its distillation and maturation as well as many tutored tasting experiences. Each course is accompanied by some really useful downloadable documents and guides.

As you embark on your journey of discovery into the fascinating world of Scotch whisky, the introductory Taste of Scotch course, with its discussion format, will answer many of your questions. Discover Scotland’s varied scenery, the different types of Scotch whisky enjoyed around the world and learn about the regions of malt whisky distillation. Enjoy an animated tour of malt whisky distillation and pick up some expert tips in a tutored whisky tasting. Download some useful tools.

If your appetite has been whetted or you have a thirst for more knowledge then join the more detailed modular courses, Talking Scotch. Each one includes interactive tasting experiences, many useful tools and guides to download and much more detail about the fascinating story of Scotland’s iconic spirit.





Ann is happy to create bespoke online experiences and whisky courses.

Tutored Tastings

As the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 are relaxed Ann is delighted to provide tailor-made and bespoke experiences for visitors to Speyside and Scotland.

Her introduction to the art of tasting and evaluating Scotch whisky can include up to six drams to illustrate the range of flavours that we can enjoy. Drams can vary by region, distillery, cask type and age. Demystifies the jargon and enhances the appreciation of Scotch whisky. Lasts up to one and a half hours. Some surrent suggestions are listed in the section Scotch Whisky Experiences.

Experiences and tastings for more experienced whisky enthusiasts can explore any aspect of the Scotch whisky with the emphasise on discovering and developing each participant’s expertise. Tastings can be organised at a location to suit you.

Other Online Events

Ceilidh Club Tastings Musical Drams

Join me in conversation with Ed McCabe of the Ceilidh Club as we share a journey and taste drams from around Scotland. We start with Auchentoshan in the Lowlands, continue to Aberlour in the heart of Speyside and then finish with Bowmore on Islay.

Join our tasting trip using this  link

Musical Drams

Which music would you choose to accompany a Speyside dram?

Join the Dram Queen’s Musical Drams at the virtual Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival to hear Dave Broom, Joel Harrison, Charles MacLean, Martine Nouet, Hans Offringa, Becky Paskin and Neil Ridley distil the convivial spirit of the Festival with good drams, good music and good company.

Short Courses

An introduction to Scotch whisky which aims to demystify this fascinating topic. These sessions can include the main characteristics of the different types of Scotch whisky [malts, grain and blends] plus the styles of the whisky producing regions, the contribution of the maturation process, all illustrated with up to six samples. Content can be tailored to the interests of the participants.

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