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Ann Miller is a Scotch whisky expert, based in Speyside, who worked in the industry for over 30 years. She offers bespoke whisky experiences including tastings and shares her passion, knowledge and behind the scenes expertise.
Anne Miller, Dram Queen

Following nearly 30 years working in Scotland and around the world as one of the first female International Brand Ambassadors for a wide range of single malt and premium blended whisky brands of one of the larger Scotch whisky companies, Ann Miller, the Dram Queen, is an acknowledged expert on the subject.

Throughout her career Ann was responsible for managing and delivering in-depth and bespoke training for guests from many countries. Her enthusiasm for Scotch whisky remains as important to her as ever but her passion and expertise now extend well beyond Speyside to an enthusiasm for all Scotch whiskies.

Ann’s contribution to the Scotch Whisky industry was recognised when she was made a Keeper of the Quaich, an honour only bestowed on those who are recognised to have made a significant contribution to the world of Scotch whisky.

What does she offer?

She offers bespoke Scotch whisky experiences from an independent perspective in which she continues to share her passion, knowledge and behind the scenes expertise by conducting inspiring courses and tastings, and helping people to enjoy whisky even more!

Ann distils what is so special about all aspects of Scotch whisky for novices and experts alike. The experiences she offers can include tasting tutorials with a selection of samples, whisky lunches or dinners as well as in-depth courses lasting from half a day to several. Ann is always happy to add value to other events. A Blue Badge Guide for Scotland, she welcomes requests for bespoke itineraries for individuals and groups focussing on all aspects of Scotch whisky


Tutorials, courses, and events can be arranged wherever it is convenient.

This could be your place of work, in conjunction with your accommodation or in the Dram Room which Ann has created on the family farm in the heart of malt whisky distilling in Speyside. There, up to a dozen guests can enjoy entertaining and informative events tailored to their own interests.


Ann offers a series of Scotch whisky courses

Her introduction to Scotch whisky puts this fascinating topic into context. Additional sessions can include the main characteristics of the different types of Scotch whisky [malts, grain and blends] plus the styles of the whisky producing regions and the contribution of the maturation process. They are illustrated with up to six samples. Course content can be tailored to the interests of the participants or follow a theme like age, region, style, cask used etc.

Ann is always happy to adapt programmes and itineraries to focus on different aspects of whisky history as well the art of blending and grain whisky, often the “Cinderella” of the world of whisky. Please get in touch to discuss what you would like her to include.

Her online courses are available through the Spirits Club Academy.


Ann’s Scotch whisky experiences aim to inform and entertain

With, her wealth of knowledge, which she shares enthusiastically, Ann will demystify the often-puzzling language sometimes used by whisky enthusiasts with some samples of Scotch whisky. Knowledgeable about the history of Scotland and many aspects of Scotland’s iconic spirit, she can organise a light-hearted quiz or competition to see who can really tell their dram from their draff.

Over 20 years ago, Ann was one of the founders of the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival and until recently served as one of its volunteer Directors.

Before moving to Speyside, Ann put Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience [formerly the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre] on the map in the centre of the capital as the gateway to discovering Scotch whisky.

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